Level 5 Lightning Induced Transient Susceptibility Testing

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies (FoC) conducts level 5 lighting induced transient testing for aviation technology. 

What is RTCA DO-160 Section 22?
The Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics, or RTCA, developed the DO-160 document in 1975 to outline procedures for environmentally testing avionics equipment. The document features numerous sections, each addressing a specific subject matter and corresponding testing procedures for airborne electronics.
Section 22 addresses the lightning-induced effect occurring in electronic cables when magnetic fields generate a significant surge. The testing outlined in section 22 of the DO-160 document establishes equipment’s ability to withstand the stress aircraft electronics endure in severe lighting environments.
Our Lightning Induced Transient Susceptibility Testing

Our lightning induced transient susceptibility testing determines if electronics can withstand the impact and subsequent effects of a lightning strike. During the testing procedure, our technicians generate waveforms that mimic the effects of lightning strikes. The DO1-160 defines various energy levels and ranks them in 5 levels, with level 5 representing the most energy. We provide level 5 lighting induced transient susceptibility testing to ensure our clients’ electronics showcase a superior level of resistance to lightning strikes. 

Why is RTCA-Compliance Important?
RTCA-compliance ensures aircraft and aviation equipment remains reliable and safe in various conditions. Aerospace and aviation applications are costly and dangerous, so it’s imperative that systems and technologies undergo extensive evaluations that test their limits. Our RTCA-compliant testing services help our client do the following:
Our Commitment to Quality
The Applied Technical Services FoC adheres to internationally recognized quality standards, ensuring our clients’ world class services from each of our labs. Our employees work diligently to deliver services that meet, if not exceed our clients’ demands. To ensure guarantee they have positive experiences, we provide our customers with the following:
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