Conducted Susceptibility Testing Lab - DO160 S20

Radiated Susceptibility Testing Lab – DO160 S20

Applied Technical Services’ electromagnetic compatibility and interference radiated susceptibility testing lab – DO160 S20 – is capable of performing a variety of EMI and EMC testing services.
RTCA DO-160 Section 20: Radiated Frequency Susceptibility Testing
RTCA DO-160 Section 20 verifies a subject’s ability to function properly when its wiring is exposed to radio frequency modulated power levels by means of injection probe induction or radiated RF fields. DO-160 Section 20 consists of two different test procedures determined by the equipment’s output frequency. Radiated susceptibility tests may also be performed utilizing materials and methods from the Anechoic Chamber Method (S 20.5) or the Reverberation Chamber Method (S 20.6). DO-160 Section 20 test results can allow the categorization of equipment based on its radio frequency test levels and determine equipment response to various radio frequency threats.
Applied Technical Services tests to several different RTCA DO-160 sections in our cutting-edge EMC and EMI testing laboratory. Our certified testing experts strive to maximize the value of our electromagnetic interference and compatibility testing services, implementing the use of innovative technology to increase efficiency and reduce costs. In addition to DO-160 Section 20 conducted and radiated susceptibility testing, some of our commonly requested DO-160 EMI and EMC testing services include:
Additional RTCA DO-160 Testing Services
Applied Technical Services also tests to the following RTCA DO-160 sections:
Electrical Testing at ATS
The ATS electrical testing laboratory also provides the following popular services, as well as many others:
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