A compressor rod shaft after undergoing accelerated fatigue testing. The specimen is corroded and fractured in half.

Accelerated Fatigue Testing

Accelerated fatigue testing allows ATS to predict the life of a component under its intended service conditions and pressures. Using a specialized fatigue testing machine, we apply loading and unloading forces to the selected material until it fractures.
Why Use Accelerated Fatigue Testing?
Our clients request accelerated fatigue tests during product design and development phases, as well as after product damage or catastrophic structural failure. We can use our fatigue testing lab to verify a product’s compliance with industry standards according to prescribed test methods:

Manufacturers request accelerated fatigue testing to verify the durability of materials used in their products and components. Although a product may normally last for several years, accelerated fatigue testing conveniently compresses the testing time to days or even hours. With the information we gather, clients can revise a product’s design, update maintenance schedules, or plan for a component’s replacement. Accelerated fatigue testing shortens testing time so manufacturers can continue production confident in their material selection.

End-users and litigators turn to ATS for accelerated fatigue testing as part of failure analysis. Fatigue tests can indicate if a failure occurred due to poor design, manufacturing, lack of upkeep, or the material itself. Our research helps clients assign liability and make changes. End-users can also utilize fatigue testing when selecting vendors or suppliers by comparing the quality and durability of similar options.

Custom Testing Conditions
ATS offers fully customized services for clients who need to test for more than standard compliance. Our fatigue tests allow for custom specifications, such as testing at high temperatures or submerging the material in corrosive chemicals.

For example, a military manufacturer may use accelerated fatigue testing to determine the effectiveness of steel sheeting for an armored tank. ATS can test the sampled steel under extreme heat, vibrations, and shifting weights to simulate passenger and ammunition loads.

Upon request, your ATS response team will build a testing procedure from scratch or tailor our testing concepts and data collection to your specifications. Our laboratory experts regularly perform:

Lab Capabilities

ATS’ fatigue tests compare a material’s response to varying conditions, including temperature and corrosive chemicals. We also test for underlying:

Our fatigue testing equipment can reach a temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius for extreme heat simulations. We can also test a material’s resistance to forces as light as 2 pounds and as heavy as 55 Kip.

ITAR Security at Work
ATS is an ITAR-secure contractor capable of defense article testing and inspections. ITAR stands for the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, which restricts access to defense materials and information. If we work with a client who requires ITAR-level security, we will conduct our testing with the appropriate confidentiality.
Our research has empowered industries such as:
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