Technician Performing Hydro Testing
Applied Technical Services conducts hydro testing to verify the structural integrity and safety of pressure systems and vessels.

Hydro Testing

Hydro testing, also known as hydrostatic testing, is both a destructive and a nondestructive testing method used to monitor a pressure system’s ability to retain water without the potential of ruptures or leaks. This process begins by filling the subject with a liquid, typically water. Once filled to maximum capacity, one of our certified hydrostatic testing experts use equipment to pressurize the vessel, and then performs a visual inspection on the subject to detect leaks. This testing method requires that operations temporarily halt, as technicians cannot conduct this method while the pressure system is in service. Hydrostatic testing is a highly accurate method used to determine compliance with industry safety standards and is often employed to check that a recently repaired pressure system or component is ready to return to service. Hydrostatic testing is usually required every three to five years, depending on the type of system or component.
Commonly Tested Equipment

ATS performs hydrostatic testing on several types of pressure systems and equipment, including but not limited to:

Industry Standards
Several organizations determine hydro testing industry standards, such as:
ATS’ experts are knowledgeable of the industry standards set by all relevant governing bodies, working with our clients to ensure compliance and reduce safety risks.
Applied Technical Services

Applied Technical Services employs some of the industry’s most experienced hydro testing experts. Our certified technicians follow meticulously documented procedures, performing hydro testing in our ISO 9001 certified labs, as well as in the field, to meet our clients’ needs. ATS strives to maximize the value of our testing services while reducing client costs to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. We utilize innovative technologies to provide high-quality service with reliable results. Contact us today to schedule your next hydrostatic testing.

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