flexible sealed packages

Applied Technical Services’ mechanical testing department holds a wide range of capabilities, including package burst testing. Our experienced technicians can help clients verify whether their sealed flexible packages perform in compliance with ASTM F2054, ASTM F1140, and other applicable standards. ATS also offers an extensive list of other package testing capabilities.

Taking a Closer Look at Sealed Packages

The food, medical, pharmaceutical, and other industries often rely on flexible packages with a seal around the perimeter to keep materials isolated from external environments while also remaining relatively simple for the end-user to unpack. For instance, many types of medical devices are encased in sterile, sealed packages to avoid contamination.

However, not all sealed flexible packages perform the same. Packages that fail prematurely during sterilization or transportation can potentially cost businesses extra time and resources. To evaluate tendencies for failure in packages of this type, our personnel can perform a package burst test.
In a package burst test, technicians use a probe inserted through a package port to increase the internal pressure of the test package until it fails, or “bursts”. This way, we can measure the burst strength and location of failure of the package as it is exposed to different pressure levels. Restraining plates can be used to maintain dimensional stability and uniform pressure application as applicable to the respective test standard. We can also accommodate our testing capabilities to fit your individual needs.
Your Trusted Provider for Package Burst Testing

For decades, Applied Technical Services has maintained its status as the premier source for testing and inspection services. Our high standards for service quality, timely turnarounds, and helpful client support distinguish ATS from other companies. To better serve the needs of our clients, we deliver services in compliance with our ISO certified quality program.

Why Our Clients Choose ATS

Our experts know the value of package burst testing in designing secure, robust packaging. For more details about this service, call us today. ATS – We take a closer look!

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