Applied Technical Services offers Skidmore Bolt Testing for clients looking for pre-installation verification tension and rotational capacity testing of structural fasteners, as well as general fastener testing to determine torque/tension relationships. Skidmore Bolt Testing verifies that the bolt assembly meets the required specifications and capacity, while also confirming whether the installers of the bolt assembly have followed correct procedures. Knowing exactly how much of the torque applied to meet the required amount of tension in the bolt assembly is not possible without this type of testing.

In the process of Skidmore Bolt Testing, also referred to as Pre-installation Verification Tension Testing and Rotational Capacity Testing, a bolt, nut, and washer assembly are inserted into the tension reading equipment. The assembly is tightened to simulate the conditions of installation into a steel connection, (for example, in the case of a Tension Control bolt) and the tension persists until the spline of the bolt shears off. ATS uses Skidmore Wilhelm’s hydraulic tension calibrator, which is the industry standard for testing on fasteners in tension-critical joints. Skidmore tension calibrators are required to be used on high strength bolts utilized in the construction of buildings, bridges, and other major structures.

Testing Capabilities

ATS conducts Skidmore Bolt Testing procedures within its Mechanical Testing Division. Our labs are operated by trained experts who are familiar with the methods of using Bolt Tension Testers capable of handling up to 170,000 pounds to test components such as: Hex Bolts, Tension Control Bolts, Anchor Bolts, Studs, Lock Nuts, and Direct Tension Indicating Washers. Our certified mechanical testing personnel follow the high strength structural bolt system requirements of AISC/RCSC and ASTM F3125.

Applied Technical Services – A Reliable Testing Provider

Since our founding in 1967, ATS has established an excellent reputation for reliably uncovering facts in Metallurgy, Materials Testing, Chemical Analysis, Nondestructive Testing, Calibration Services, and Forensic Investigations. We serve clients in a variety of industries, including those in the fields of construction, commercial properties, automobile manufacturing, insurance, nuclear energy, and power generation.

ATS Labs and Lab Experts Deliver Quality Assurance
ATS performs all its services in accordance with our stringent Quality Assurance program, which ensures that each of our employees remain actively involved in our pursuit of constant quality improvement. We employ a range of certified experts — including Professional Engineers of several disciplines, scientists, chemists, metallurgists, investigators, and well-trained technicians — who are experienced in conducting quality tests and inspections that comply with the applicable standards of the industries we serve. ATS’ various accreditations and certifications include ISO/IEC 17025:2017, ISO 9001-2015, Nadcap, recognition as an FAA Repair Station, and many more.

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