Pressure Fatigue Testing

Applied Technical Services conducts pressure fatigue testing services that determine the pressure fatigue of products and materials. Cyclic pressure can compromise the safety and performance of materials, so manufacturers must evaluate their products to ensure their safety and compliance with industry standards. Our A2LA-accredited mechanical testing labs assist manufacturers as they design, develop, and prepare their products for commercial use.

What is Pressure Fatigue Testing, and Why is it Important?
Pressure fatigue testing is a destructive method used to determine a material’s fatigue life under cyclic pressure loading. Commonly used to assess the durability of pipes and pressure vessels, pressure fatigue tests offer essential insight into a material’s strengths and weaknesses. During a pressure fatigue test, technicians subject test specimens to various cyclic pressure loads that simulate the conditions seen in the material’s intended application. Technicians fluctuate the applied pressure to evaluate the material’s ability to endure pressure fluctuations without experiencing failure or structural damage. Numerous industries rely on pressure fatigue testing, including the following:
The Benefits of Our Pressure Testing Services

Our pressure fatigue tests help manufacturers assess their product’s fatigue strength in a controlled setting. Our services determine a material’s failure mode and the contributing factors that cause failure. The information gathered from our services can help manufacturers correct flaws in their design and compare their products with their competitors. Pressure testing helps manufacturers do the following:

About Applied Technical Services
Applied Technical Services provides high-quality testing, inspection, and consulting engineering services for commercial and industrial businesses. Founded in 1967, we continue to expand and improve our extensive list of services by maintaining the client-centric principles that serve as our foundation. To ensure the satisfaction of our clients, we provide the following:
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