Component failure from a burst pressure test

Burst Pressure Testing

Applied Technical Services offers burst pressure testing as part of its large range of mechanical testing services. Our knowledgeable staff can burst test your components to verify that they perform as intended according to design specifications or applicable standards. ATS also offers nondestructive proof pressure testing.

Burst testing, a type of destructive pressure test, is frequently performed on pipes, tubes, small vessels, tanks, and other pressurized components to determine their maximum burst pressure and how they experience failure. Our competent technicians conduct this test by increasing the pressure level under controlled conditions until the test sample fails, or “bursts”. With this method, we can measure the maximum amount of pressure that components can withstand before experiencing failure or permanent deformation. Burst pressure tests are useful in locating weak points in materials that can potentially compromise performance and safety.
With pressure capabilities ranging from vacuum to 40,000 psig, our lab is fully equipped to fulfill your burst pressure testing needs. We can test your components with the utmost attention to detail either in our advanced lab or in the field.
ATS Mechanical Testing Services
With decades of experience in testing and inspection services, Applied Technical Services is dedicated to providing a high level of service quality for our clients. Each one of our mechanical tests is conducted through measurable objectives, defined processes, and proven scientific principles. Furthermore, our lab operates under an ISO 9001 certified quality management system.
Maximum burst pressure limits are a crucial factor in the design of pressurized components. If you are searching for a reliable provider of burst pressure testing services, contact us today. Working with us means getting accurate results, detailed reports, timely turnarounds, and helpful client support. ATS – We take a closer look!

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