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ABS Special Survey

Applied Technical Services offers ABS special survey options for the maritime industry. The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) develops standards for the design, construction, and operational maintenance of marine vessels.

Why Survey?

The special survey, also called the class-renewal survey, is performed every five years. The survey verifies that the structure, systems, equipment, and essential auxiliary machinery are in satisfactory condition and don’t have any high-risk flaws or damage.

Common irregularities our technicians find on client vessels include cracks, dents, holes, and corrosion. If defects are present, it is important to identify them while they are still in their early stages. If left undiscovered, small flaws can potentially deteriorate into bigger problems. Performing ABS special survey inspections regularly can prolong the life of the vessel as well as maintain a safe level of operation.
Ultrasonic Thickness Testing

As part of the special survey, ATS performs thickness testing for vessel components. One of the biggest threats to sea vessels is corrosion – such as the reaction between the vessel’s metallic materials and salt-water to form rust. Corrosion can slowly eat away at the metal and cause material loss, resulting in decreased thickness. To accurately measure thickness, our NDT experts use ultrasonic thickness testing (UTT). In the UTT method, high-frequency sound waves are sent directly into the test material through a probe, which then reflect back. Our technicians analyze the properties of the signal to obtain a thickness reading.

ATS and ABS Special Survey

Applied Technical Services performs nondestructive testing for a number of industries, including the maritime industry. Our NDT experts have years of experience and execute surveys according to proven scientific and technical principles.
The ABS Special Survey is an extensive, detailed inspection that requires prior planning. Fortunately, ATS can work around your operation and schedule. If you need an ABS Special Survey performed on your vessel, contact us today. ATS — We take a closer look!

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