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X-Ray Testing

Applied Technical Services performs X-ray testing for a range of industries and applications. Our nondestructive testing team can radiographically check for hidden flaws or defects within nearly any material according to applicable codes and standards. ATS offers traditional, computed, and digital radiography both in our laboratories or in the field.

X-ray (or radiography) produces clear, accurate imaging that allows technicians to view the internal structure of an object. X-ray services can locate flaws or defects within materials such as cracks, voids, and corrosion before they become more serious issues over time– saving our clients time and money in the long-term. Our NDT experts regularly perform X-ray work on pressure vessels, pipelines, tanks, castings, concrete, and more.

To execute an X-ray, our technicians need access to two opposite sides of the object. We transmit radiation from one side and place a detector to record the image on the other side. After the service is complete, we interpret the resulting differences in absorption and provide a detailed X-ray report.
Our highly trained and certified technicians make sure to follow all applicable safety guidelines. Due to the radiation levels involved with X-ray inspections and testing, we must designate a clearance area while the process is underway. However, X-ray has no residual radiation.
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ATS and X-Ray Testing
Applied Technical Services has proven itself as an NDT leader for decades. Our SNT-TC-1A, NAS-410, and CP-189 certified X-ray technicians thoroughly inspect components and structures to ensure their continued safety and reliability. At ATS, our values focus on quality service, timely turnarounds, and detailed reporting.
If you are searching for an NDT company that offers prompt and thorough X-ray testing, contact us today. ATS – We take a closer look!

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