welds on metal components for RT inspection

RT Weld Inspections

Applied Technical Services performs RT Weld Inspections. Our nondestructive testing department radiographically inspects welds for a broad range of industries, including the aviation, automotive, construction, infrastructure, nuclear, military, power generation, medical, and maritime industries.

Radiography — A Proven NDT Method
Radiography – or x-ray –can be performed on nearly any material to produce an image of its internal contents without altering or damaging the test sample. For this reason, radiographic inspections are an effective way to assess the quality of welds between metallic materials.
To perform a radiographic inspection, our technicians require access to both sides of the weld being tested. Radiation is transmitted from a source on one end, through the test object, and onto the detector film on the other end. After this transmission, the film records the differences in absorption and creates a permanent record of the inspection.
Radiography is a method that requires professional experience and training. Our NDT experts handle x-ray weld inspections safely and are skilled in interpreting inspection results. As part of our inspection service, we provide precise weld inspection reports to present our findings.
Common Weld Defects
Welds can be subjected to prolonged stress during their lifetime, which can lead to weakened or unsafe components. ATS inspects for weld quality to ensure your system meets the specified construction code, and no welding defects are present. ATS can also inspect weld quality to verify that in-service welds can continue to serve their purpose reliably and safely. Discontinuities that can occur in the base metal, weld material, or heat affected zones include the following:
ATS — Your Provider for RT Weld Inspections
Applied Technical Services has been a leading force in the NDT field for several decades. We know the importance of thorough weld inspections, as well as having advanced knowledge of industrial radiography technology and applicable industry codes.
Flexibility, portability, and the simple preparation requirements of radiography makes it an effective nondestructive weld testing method. If you are searching for a company that provides thorough RT weld inspections, contact us today. ATS – We take a closer look!

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