Dry Dock Survey

red and blue ship inside dry dock bay
Applied Technical Services offers dry dock survey services for the maritime industry. Every sea-going vessel is required to undergo a dry dock survey at regular intervals as established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). These periodic dry dock inspections are essential for extending the ship’s useful life as well as upholding the safety of the ship, its personnel, and the environment.

Dry Dock Survey – Stepping Out of the Water

A dry dock survey is where a vessel is taken out of the water to be thoroughly inspected. The vessel is loaded into a narrow service bay that is later drained of water, leaving the entire structure exposed. This way, our technicians can inspect the parts of the vessel that would otherwise be submerged below the water line.
The metallic materials used in the manufacturing of ships can be susceptible to salt-water reactions, humidity, and temperature – which could lead to defects caused by corrosion. Our technicians can uncover such defects in our survey process, preventing smaller defects from deteriorating into more serious damage over time.
Ultrasonic Thickness Testing

ATS offers thickness testing as part of our dry dock survey. Vessels that fall victim to corrosion can suffer material loss in metallic components, such as the hull. To assess these components for material loss, our NDT experts perform ultrasonic thickness testing (UTT). UTT uses ultrasound technology to send high-frequency sound waves directly into the test material through a probe. These waves then reflect back to the probe. Our technicians analyze the properties of these returning signal to determine the precise thickness of the material.

Applied Technical Services has been a leader in the nondestructive testing field for years – performing inspection services according to proven scientific and technical principles. As part of our standard for quality, we focus on delivering accurate results, quick turnaround times, and helpful client support.
Dry dock surveys can require extensive preparation and planning, depending on the vessel. Fortunately, our NDT staff can center our services around your operation and schedule. If you need a dry dock survey performed on your vessel, contact us today. ATS – We take a closer look!

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