Concrete Slab X-Ray

inside of an industrial concrete building with concrete slab pillars
Applied Technical Services is an expert in concrete slab X-ray testing. Our nondestructive testing department inspects concrete to verify the presence of any hidden anomalies or determine the location of embedded objects.
Working with Concrete
Before drilling, coring, or cutting into concrete, it is crucial to be aware of any rebar, pipes, conduits, cables, or wire mesh that could be integrated within. Accidentally destroying such embedded objects could pose a risk to personnel safety and structural integrity. Additionally knowing what is inside of the slab prior to drilling will save time and money by ensuring no electrical or structural components are damaged. Proper X-ray inspections can help discover these flaws before they grow into more serious problems over time.
Our Proven X-Ray Capabilities
Radiography (or X-ray) allows NDT technicians to view the interior structure of nearly any material. Due to its ability to reveal discontinuities both on and below the surface with clear and accurate imaging, X-ray is a preferred NDT method for concrete slabs, columns, beams, floors, and more.
To perform an X-ray, we need access to both sides of the concrete structure. On one end, we transmit radiation into the concrete; on the other end, a detector film records the differences in absorption to develop an image. Our experts analyze the resulting image and provide our clients with a detailed concrete inspection report.
Our highly trained and certified technicians follow all applicable safety guidelines when working with radiation and designate a restricted boundary area during the inspection process. If inspecting concrete floors, our technicians require access to both the test floor and the floor below it. Regardless of the inspection circumstances, there is no residual radiation after the X-ray is complete.

ATS and Concrete Slab X-Ray

Applied Technical Services performs quality work according to proven scientific and engineering principles. Our nondestructive testing experts understand the role of meticulous concrete inspections in maintaining structure safety and reliability. We thrive on our core values of accurate results, quick turnaround times, and helpful client support. And yes – we can bring our equipment to your worksite.
If you are searching for a well-established company with extensive experience to perform a concrete slab X-ray, contact us today. ATS – We take a closer look!

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