Flow-Accelerated Corrosion Testing Services

Applied Technical Services performs flow-accelerated corrosion testing to help clients identify FAC early before failure occurs. Flow-accelerated corrosion (FAC) develops when flowing liquid or steam erodes the protective surface layer from vessels, piping, or other components, which rapidly increases corrosion rates. FAC is especially prevalent in components where the flowing substance experiences harsh changes in velocity, leading to wall thinning and perforation. ATS inspects components that have a high risk of experiencing FAC, including:
Undetected FAC can cause leaks, instantaneous ruptures, or catastrophic failures. We identify the early indicators and discern high-risk areas to help prevent failures. FAC impacts several industries, including nuclear, petrochemical, and manufacturing. ATS works with these industries to maintain safety and equipment health.
Nondestructive FAC Testing Methods
ATS utilizes several nondestructive testing (NDT) methods to identify flow-accelerated corrosion. Our trained, certified technicians can recommend the best options for individual clients.
Visual inspection is a simple, straightforward inspection method. Visual FAC inspection requires careful attention otherwise the mechanical integrity is at risk. Our technicians at ATS are highly qualified and experienced; they can locate and monitor FAC and make specific recommendations on necessary actions and repairs.
Ultrasonic thickness testing measures wall thickness for a variety of equipment, such as tubes, pipes, and pressure vessels. Thickness testing works by emitting a pulse of ultrasonic waves, which bounce off the back wall of the subject material. The probe reads the echo, measuring the time between transmission and reception to get the material thickness. Technicians repeat this process in a grid pattern across the subject to develop a precise understanding of wall thickness. Ultrasonic testing is effective, versatile, and highly accurate, with applications in many industries. This method works through linings and coatings and only requires access on one side of the subject.
Our NDT Experts
FAC identification requires clarity and specificity to provide useful information. The NDT experts at ATS offer clear, detailed reporting that helps proprietors address corrosion damage before the equipment reaches failure. Our NDT services contribute towards increased safety, cost savings, and efficiency for clients across the globe. Our team works to continually improve the client experience through excellence in customer service and reliable data.
If you need flow-accelerated corrosion testing, contact ATS today for a closer look.

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