X-Ray NDT Testing

NDT x-ray imaging

Applied Technical Services’ nondestructive testing department performs X-ray NDT testing to check for hidden flaws or defects in nearly any material. We offer both traditional, computed, and digital X-ray testing according to applicable standards while helping our clients in maintaining the safety, reliability, and integrity of their components and structures.

About Our NDT X-Ray Process

X-ray – also known as radiography – enables NDT technicians to view the internal structure of an object. X-ray delivers accurate imaging that can quickly reveal flaws within materials such as cracks, corrosion, and voids, making it a proven NDT method. Testing components and structures before they are placed in service to verify conformance to specifications, and periodically inspecting their condition to determine if any deterioration has occurred are essential to avoiding unexpected setbacks in the future. We perform X-ray NDT testing on pressure vessels, concrete, castings, tanks, pipelines, and more.

The X-ray method requires access to two sides of the test object. Radiation is transmitted from a source on one side, while a detector develops an image on the other side. Our NDT experts analyze the resulting image for the presence of any anomalies and provide clients with an inspection report that summarizes our findings.
Due to the radiation levels involved in X-ray testing, our team follows stringent safety measures – including designating a restricted clearance area while we perform our test. Additionally, our testing does not leave any residual radiation.
Benefits of X-Ray Testing
Serving Clients in Multiple Industries

ATS — Your Provider for X-Ray NDT Testing

For several decades, Applied Technical Services has been a leading provider of nondestructive testing services. We understand the importance of NDT in helping our clients maintain safe, reliable, efficient, and profitable components and structures. Additionally, our technicians are SNT-TC-1A, NAS-410, and CP-189 certified.

If you are searching for a company with proven NDT experience and reputation, contact us today to arrange X-ray NDT testing. ATS – We take a closer look!

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