FAC Corrosion Testing

Applied Technical Services provides FAC corrosion testing to catch this phenomenon early and ensure client equipment receives the necessary maintenance and repairs to keep it running for longer. Flow-accelerated corrosion (FAC) is the accelerated corrosion due to the depletion of the protective oxide layer on the surface of components such as piping or vessels exposed to flowing liquid or steam. As the protective layer dissolves, the metal corrodes, resulting in metal loss that reduces the component’s structural integrity. If unaddressed, this corrosion can lead to the component thinning, perforating, or even instantaneous rupturing. FAC corrosion poses a significant risk to the safety of both equipment and personnel, requiring proper maintenance to ensure uninterrupted service and production.
Nondestructive Flow-Accelerated Corrosion Testing
FAC corrosion testing is essential to ensure proper equipment maintenance, safety, and reliability. Applied Technical Services utilizes two nondestructive testing (NDT) methods to detect FAC corrosion: visual inspection and ultrasonic examination.
Visual Inspection
Visual FAC testing relies on our trained, certified technicians. Due to their high level of experience and expertise, our technicians can locate and monitor areas at greater risk of flow-accelerated corrosion and provide clients with recommendations to address any potential issues.
Ultrasonic Thickness Testing
Ultrasonic FAC testing is a noninvasive testing method that measures the wall thickness of equipment by emitting ultrasonic waves into tubes, pipes, and pressure vessels. The ultrasonic waves ricochet off the internal walls of these structures, providing measurements that allow our certified NDT technicians to determine material thickness and detect flaws. This effective method of testing is highly accurate and versatile, with applications in many industries. This testing method works through linings and coatings and only requires access on one side of the component.
We inspect components at a high risk of flow-accelerated corrosion, including:
Applied Technical Services
As flow-accelerated corrosion testing requires perfect precision and accuracy, NDT experts at Applied Technical Services are highly trained, thoroughly experienced professionals. The NDT services provided by our team at ATS effectively increase safety, reduce costs, and help prevent downtime for our clients around the world.
All of our experts are talented, enthusiastic professionals who are committed to safety and quality. With over fifty years of experience at the forefront of our industry, our team strives to ensure the highest level of client satisfaction with excellent customer service, innovative technologies, and reliable information.

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