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Radiographic Weld Inspections

Applied Technical Services performs radiographic weld inspections for many types of industries. Our nondestructive testing department verifies weld quality and code conformance for our clients to ensure component safety and reliability in accordance with applicable codes and standards.

About the Radiography NDT Method
Radiography — or x-ray — allows for the internal imaging of objects using radiation. This is a common NDT method because it can analyze almost any type of material without altering or damaging it to view the internals. This of course also includes welds between metallic materials.
To radiographically inspect a weld, our technicians need access to both sides. Radiation is transmitted from one side of the weld, while a detector film records the resulting image on the other. The film creates an image of the weld and serves as a permanent record of the inspection.
Radiography requires professional training and experience. Our NDT experts are well-versed in how to accurately interpret x-ray images and follow appropriate radiation safety measures during their inspections. After inspection, we provide clients with a detailed weld inspection report, as well as radiographic images.
Our Weld Inspections
Welds can often be subjected to process flaws and prolonged stress, causing them to become compromised or damaged. We inspect the base metal, weld material, and heat-affected zones for signs of discontinuities. Some common defects our technicians find in welds include:

ATS and Radiographic Weld Inspections

For over 50 years, Applied Technical Services has been providing quality service while following proven scientific and engineering principles. As a leader in the NDT field, ATS offers radiographic weld inspections from inspectors who are experts in using industrial radiography technology.
If you are seeking a reputable company to inspect your welds radiographically, contact us today. We are focused on offering accurate results, timely turnaround, and helpful client support. ATS – We take a closer look!

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