Thermite Weld Inspections

Thermite Weld Inspections

Thermite Weld Inspections

Applied Technical Services’ certified NDT inspectors provide reliable thermite weld inspections.  In railways all across America, thermite welds are used to effectively join steel rails. ATS has performed Non-Destructive Testing of Thermite welds for rail construction projects all over the country.  ATS can help to develop inspection procedures, techniques, and calibration standards in order to meet industry standards.  In addition, over time, these joints experience an enormous amount of stress and fatigue loading, which could result in rail failures and/or safety hazards.  The railway industry has established many regulations and standards that require routine thermite weld inspections. Our inspectors are familiar with industry procedures; they provide instant results and timely reports documenting the presence, location, and classification of any defects. 

Rail Industry Standards and Regulations:
ATS Provides Services to Many Types of Railways:
NDT Methods Used in Rail Weld Inspections

There are a variety of NDT methods available to perform rail weld inspections.  These methods can reveal a wide range of defects and deformities, including lack of fusion, porosity, slag inclusions, hot tears, cracks, hot cracks, and cold cracks. 

Thermite Weld Inspection Methods Include:
Why Choose Applied Technical Services (ATS)?
For over 50 years, many industries have come to depend on ATS for reliable NDT inspections.  All employees participate in safety and quality assurance programs. Our SNT-TC-1A certified technicians provide services according to standards and specifications in a timely manner. We provide detailed reporting with clear and accurate data.

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