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Casting Radiography Services

ATS understands the importance of thoroughly inspecting cast parts for flaws and defects, so we offer casting radiography services. Virtually every industry uses cast parts in daily operation. These parts’ reliability directly affects production and safety at our clients’ facilities. ATS provides casting radiography services to identify potential flaws in castings and ensure manufacturing specifications are met. The casting solidification process allows the opportunity for various types of defects to develop that could weaken the part. The flaws are often volumetric, which radiography can easily detect. Some common casting defects that radiographic inspection can identify are:
Radiographic testing can identify small flaws before they propogate into major defects. ATS can analyze your casting quality and determine if the castings meet applicable standards.
Radiographic Testing
Radiographic testing is a nondestructive testing (NDT) method that uses x-rays to detect surface and internal casting flaws. A radiographic source emits ionized radiation on one side of the part, and a film or detector on the other side measures the amount of radiation that filters through. The resulting radiograph is a 2D image that helps to visualize the part’s interior and exterior surfaces. Lighter areas on the film show where the material absorbed more radiation; darker, more exposed areas may indicate voids or thinner material.
Radiographic evaluation is a quick and effective method for analyzing hidden interior qualities in a casting. Radiography works for several kinds of materials, including metal, plastic, rubber, composites, electronics, and silicone. ATS serves several industries with our radiographic testing capacity, such as:
Our radiography technicians are certified to several NDT standards, including CP-189, SNT-TC-1A, NAS-410, and NAVSEA 271.
Our NDT Experts
ATS has been a leader in NDT for decades. Our certified NDT professionals provide several services, including traditional, digital, and computed x-ray testing. We regularly use radiography to examine pipelines, welds, forgings, and structures. When testing on-site, our technicians designate a clearance area around the radiation emitter, and no residual radiation remains after the test is complete. Our experience and skill in radiography can benefit any industry.
First-Rate Service
ATS has been a trusted testing, inspection, and consulting provider for over 50 years. Our core values center around quality service, which means providing detailed, accurate data within a quick turnaround. Our customer service team connects clients to engaged, relevant experts who can help with their needs. We are highly responsive to our clients, reporting clear results and answering any questions.
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