B31.1 Piping Testing

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Applied Technical Services offers B31.1 piping testing for high-energy piping (HEP) systems. Our Engineering and NDT groups provide a HEP maintenance program to help our clients maintain safe and reliable piping operations.

About High-Energy Piping
High-energy piping – also called power piping or covered piping– is used in certain types of industrial applications to carry superheated steam under high pressure. However, due to the higher level of pressures involved, pipes can develop defects that may not be immediately detectable. Common defects our technicians look for in HEP systems are creep, fatigue, graphitization, corrosion, and flow accelerated corrosion.
Even small flaws can develop into larger issues over time. Compromised high-energy piping can potentially cause a catastrophic failure, risking injury to personnel and damage to the equipment. For this reason, regular maintenance and periodic testing of high-stress areas are essential for ensuring the safety, reliability, efficiency, and profitability of HEP systems.
ASME Standards for Piping
In 2007, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) issued a revision to B31.1 Power Piping to include inspection of high-energy piping systems to improve the quality of their maintenance and operation. ASME B31.1 regulates design limits, documentation requirements, assessment of degradation mechanisms, and more. Our engineers and NDT experts thoroughly understand all the damage mechanisms and the requirements of B31.1. All our processes and procedures are performed in accordance with B31.1 requirements.
Our HEP Test Methods
High-Energy Piping Management Program
  1. Develop or review a corporate level program to set project goals and responsibilities
  2. Develop a list of risk-based prioritized inspection locations
  3. Perform testing on the critical welds
  4. Pipe stress analysis for specific welds, if necessary
  5. Flaw evaluation for significant defects, if necessary
  6. Perform life assessment using a life fraction method
  7. Develop a repair program for how to execute repairs
ATS and B31.1 Piping Testing
Applied Technical Services performs nondestructive testing for a wide range of industries, including high-energy piping. Let our highly trained and certified experts assess your piping system and create a thorough management program that is tailored to your needs. At ATS, we follow our core principles of quality service, timely turnaround times, and helpful client support.
Keeping up with the maintenance and operation of high-pressure systems is crucial. If you need high-energy piping testing performed according to the ASME B31.1 standard, contact us today. ATS – We take a closer look!

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