Pipe Heat Treatment Services

Pipe Heat Treatment Services

Pipe Heat Treatment Services

Pipe heat treatment services involve the careful and controlled heating and cooling of metals with the intention of improving their physical and mechanical properties without also altering the shape of the product. This can help increase the strength of the material considerably and can help clients unlock certain manufacturing objectives such as improved machinability, superior formability, restoration of ductility and more.
The ATS Methodology

In order to provide the deepest level of both customer service and value to our clients, all ATS pipe heat treatment services are carried out using equipment that utilizes 480 volt three phase power. This allows to supply six circuits of 85 volts, which then power state-of-the-art electric resistance heating pads. Since the range of heating capacity is so high, performing both accurate and efficient treatments is possible by employing only the highest level of Quality Assurance Procedures and Standards.

ATS’ technicians, many of whom hold multiple accreditations and certifications, also utilize NIST-traceable recorders and thermocouples for accurate documentation at all times.
The Benefits of Heat Treatment Services
The ultimate goal of all ATS pipe heat treatments is to reduce the cooling rate of both the base metal and the deposited weld metal. As a result, this allows our valued customers to achieve the benefits of less downtime (as the components themselves are always ready to weld), increased welder productivity and faster turnaround times. Utilization of heat treatment services also eliminate certain manual preheat issues that are common across industries like “rosebuds,” remove any and all open flames (which commonly cause major safety issues) and more.

Pipe heat treatment services performed post-weld also help to not only maximize the life of process equipment but also reduce residual stresses, minimize the risk of fracture, corrosion, cracking, potential of fatigue crack initiation and more.

Presently, our heat treatment services are utilized by clients in a wide range of industries including:
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