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Industrial X-Ray Services

Applied Technical Services performs industrial X-ray services for clients in nearly every industry. Our computed, digital, and conventional radiography capabilities can uncover internal defects within components to determine if they meet the requirements of relevant codes and standards.

Our Industrial X-Ray Process
To clearly analyze an object’s internal structure, NDT technicians use the radiographic method (also referred to as X-ray). X-ray transmits radiation through one side of the object, while a detector placed on the other side develops a resulting film or digital image. Because of this setup, X-ray requires access to both sides of the material (i.e. OD only for pipe welds, inside and outside of tanks and pressure vessels). Our trained experts then interpret the image and provide clients with a detailed inspection report.
Radiography is a proven NDT method due to its ability to promptly reveal interior cracks, voids, and corrosion. Discovering defects within components and structures early on is important – even minor flaws can propagate into larger problems over time. Our NDT experts work to help ensure the safety, reliability, and profitability of products for clients.
When executed properly, radiography is not only an effective testing method but a safe one. ATS technicians make it a priority to follow all applicable radiation safety measures, including the designation of a restricted clearance area during the testing process. There is no residual radiation from our testing.
Reasons for Industrial X-Ray
Performing X-Ray Services for Multiple Industries
ATS – Your Industrial X-Ray Provider
Applied Technical Services has been at the forefront of the nondestructive testing industry for decades. We extend our dedication to quality service, timely turnaround, and helpful client support to every service we offer, including industrial X-ray services. Our NDT team Is made up of Level II and III technicians knowledgeable in many techniques and solutions.
If you are in need of thorough and prompt industrial X-ray services, contact ATS today – We take a closer look!

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