Wire Splice Imaged by CT Using ISO 15708 Specifications

ISO 15708 and Industrial CT Scanning's NDT Capabilities

Applied Technical Services performs computed tomography (CT) testing to ISO 15708. CT scanning is one of the most versatile nondestructive testing (NDT) methods commercially available. Under the steady hand of our technicians, this method can produce high-resolution 3D models composed of several thousand radiographic images showing cross-sections of the subject from every conceivable angle, elevation, and orientation.
ATS’ advanced equipment allows us to capture detail at the microscopic level, allowing our technicians to detect flaws in their earliest stages. The 3D aspect of the model — when combined with the precision and fidelity of scans produced by our sensitive instruments — brings a new dimension to our nondestructive capabilities, as it allows our technicians to measure defects volumetrically. Furthermore, the X-ray component of a CT scan displays any internal flaws with the same level of detail as surface discontinuities. Finally, rendering internal features with such precision enables technicians to measure material thickness to microscopic precision. Our computed tomography labs can achieve this list of nondestructive applications by completing a single scan, making CT the most comprehensive NDT method for components that clients can ship and can fit inside our chamber.
We maintain the following two CT chambers — one in Greenville, SC, and one in our Marietta headquarters:
The ISO 15708 standard sets out general guidelines for axial CT scanning, including recognized applications and best practices. We perform CT scanning to ISO 15708-3 for nondestructive examination, but conduct this method of testing for dimensional inspection, metallurgical, and forensic investigation applications as well. Our computed tomography specialists scan according to several standards beyond ISO 15708, as well as client specifications.
About ATS
Applied Technical Services provides clients with expertise and professionalism in a variety of fields. Founded in 1967 as an engineering firm operating out our founder’s basement, we have since grown into a multidisciplinary services provider serving clients around the world from locations across the United States. We perform all CT scanning and analysis in compliance with our ISO 9001 certified quality management system to ensure consistently excellent results. ATS maintains several policies to promote the most positive customer experience we can deliver, including:
Computed tomography represents one of the most versatile NDT methods commercially available, and adhering to the ISO 15708 standard has kept our CT services impeccable. Contact us today if your component needs flaw detection. And thickness measurements. And porosity analysis. And– you get the idea. ATS takes a closer look!