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ASME B31.1 Inspections

Applied Technical Services offers ASME B31.1 inspections for high-energy piping (HEP) systems. We thoroughly examine these systems to help our clients maintain their safe and reliable operation.
Why High-Energy Piping?
High-energy piping – also called covered or power piping – is used in certain types of industrial plants to carry superheated steam under high pressure. The stresses resulting from extreme operating pressures within these systems make taking a proactive approach to maintenance imperative. Our expert technicians working with our engineering staff look for creep, fatigue, graphitization, corrosion, flow accelerated corrosion, and other defects that could compromise HEP integrity. Even small flaws can potentially deteriorate over time if left undiscovered.
A system failure caused by poor piping maintenance could result in serious injury to personnel as well as extensive equipment damage. Having a company like ATS inspect high-stress areas of the piping system can help detect problems before they go wrong.
ASME Standards for Piping
In 2007, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) set forth the ASME B31.1 standard for high-energy piping. ASME B31.1 has new requirements for the design and inspection of HEP systems to improve the safety and reliability of their operation. This includes new design limits, documentation requirements, assessment of degradation mechanisms, and more. ATS executes high-energy piping inspections according to the latest ASME B31.1 standard.
Our High-Energy Piping Management Program
ATS provides clients with a detailed management program for high-energy piping systems. We will work with your specific needs to form project goals, define prioritized risk locations, test critical welds, and – if necessary – form a strategy for repairs.
ATS — Your Provider for ASME B31.1 Inspections
For years, Applied Technical Services has been a leader in the nondestructive testing industry. Our highly trained and certified technicians perform inspections according to proven scientific principles and the latest ASME standards. At ATS, our business is focused on delivering accurate results, timely service, and providing helpful client support.
Keeping up with the maintenance and operation of high-energy piping systems is essential for maintaining their safety, reliability, efficiency, and profitability. If you need an ASME B31.1 inspection for high-energy piping, contact us today. ATS- We take a closer look!

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