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Concrete X-Ray Services

Applied Technical Services offers concrete X-ray services for various industries and applications. Our nondestructive testing department can inspect concrete radiographically to check for the presence of defects that cannot be seen with the naked eye and determine the location of embedded objects.
Many companies want to know whether there are objects embedded inside their concrete structures before drilling or coring. Unintentional damage to rebar, pipes, conduits, cables, or wire mesh nested within concrete could pose a structural or safety risk – adding time and cost to the project. Additionally, anomalies such as cracks, corrosion, voids, and honeycombing can pose a threat to concrete integrity. Companies who need third-party inspection services can rely on ATS to perform a thorough X-ray inspection in accordance with applicable codes and standards.
Advantages of X-Ray
Radiography – also referred to as X-ray – is a go-to NDT method for concrete due to its clear, detailed imaging capabilities. To take advantage of X-ray for the inspection of concrete slabs, columns, beams, and floors requires access to both sides of the structure. We transmit radiation through the concrete from one side, while a detector film records the differences in absorption on the other side. The film can then be interpreted by our experts and serve as a permanent record of the inspection.
Due to the presence of radiation in X-ray inspections, we are required to designate a restricted boundary area while the process is underway. For concrete floor X-rays, our technicians need to have access to both the test floor and the floor below it. Regardless of the setup, ATS inspectors are highly trained and certified to follow industry and radiation safety guidelines.

ATS — Your Provider for Concrete X-Ray Services

Applied Technical Services has provided accurate results, timely service, and helpful client support for decades. As experts in the nondestructive testing field, we provide concrete X-ray services to help our clients verify the safety and reliability of their concrete structures. We also provide clients with detailed reporting of the inspection results.
X-ray is one of the most effective methods of thoroughly inspecting concrete structures. If you are seeking a company well-versed in concrete X-ray services, contact ATS today. ATS – We take a closer look!

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