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ASME B31.1 Testing

Applied Technical Services performs ASME B31.1 testing for high-energy piping (HEP) systems. We provide a thorough HEP management program to help our clients operate their systems safely and reliably.
High-Energy Piping Testing
High-energy piping – also called covered piping or power piping – is used in a number of industrial applications to carry superheated steam under very high pressure. The critical role of containing these extreme forces makes proper testing of pipes and welds essential for maintaining safe operation. Despite unassuming appearances, small flaws can deteriorate into larger problems over time.
Our experts look for creep, fatigue, graphitization, corrosion, flow accelerated corrosion, and other defects in piping systems. Our methods include hardness and material composition analysis, linear phased array ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle examination, and replication. Periodic testing of high-energy piping systems from a company like ATS can help maintain the safety, reliability, efficiency, and profitability of these systems.
ASME B31.1 Standard for Piping
In 2007, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) issued a revision to B31.1 standard for high-energy piping. The revised B31.1 Power Piping code included new design and inspection guidelines for high-energy piping systems to improve their maintenance and operation. New guidelines for documentation requirements, assessment of degradation mechanisms, and more. ATS technicians thoroughly test HEP systems in accordance with the ASME’s B31.1 standard for piping.
HEP System Management Program
We offer a comprehensive program for the effective management of high-energy piping systems. Our NDT experts work with our clients’ specific needs to develop project goals, pinpoint prioritized risk locations, test critical welds, and strategize repairs as necessary.
ATS and ASME B31.1 Testing
Applied Technical Services has years of experience in the nondestructive testing field – performing testing services according to industry standards as well as proven scientific and engineering principles. At ATS, we focus on providing quality service, quick results, and helpful client support.
It is crucial to be proactive about high-energy piping maintenance and operation. If you are interested in our ASME B31.1 testing service, contact us today. We can work around your operation and schedule. ATS – We take a closer look!

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