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Maritime Inspection Services

Applied Technical Services offers a broad list of maritime inspection services. Our thorough inspections ensure that our clients know the status of their marine vessel’s safety, performance, and efficiency.

Our Maritime Services
Hull Inspection

The hull is one primary area of the vessel that should be inspected regularly due to its susceptibility to developing cracks, holes, dents, corrosion, and other types of defects. Even small flaws can deteriorate over time if left undiscovered. Our NDT experts have years of experience in performing hull inspections according to the applicable standards.

Thickness Measurements
Due to their constant exposure to salt-water and other natural elements, marine vessels can fall victim to corrosion (rust, for example). Corrosion creates an issue when it eats away at the ship’s metallic components, causing material loss.

To measure if the vessel has in fact endured any material loss, our NDT technicians perform ultrasonic thickness testing (UTT). UTT harnesses ultrasound technology to send high-frequency sound waves directly into the test material. The signal then reflects back into our probe device, delivering an accurate thickness measurement that we can compare to the manufacturer’s original specification.

Coating Condition Assessment

The vessel’s paint coating – aside from improving appearances – acts as a protective barrier for the metal underneath. Oxygen, temperature, and pH can all cause coating degradation, among other environmental and operating conditions. For maximum protection, paint coatings should have a certain level of thickness. The protective role of the coating makes it an important component our technicians check during a maritime inspection service.

ATS and Maritime Inspection Services
Applied Technical Services has been a longstanding leader in the nondestructive testing industry, with highly certified and trained experts as well as state of the art equipment. Our maritime experts execute thorough inspections according to our values of quality service, timely turnaround times, and helpful client support.

Periodic inspections are essential for maintaining ship safety, assessing maintenance needs, and complying with applicable maritime standards. If you need maritime inspection services performed on your marine vessel, contact us today. ATS – We take a closer look!

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