NDT testing at ATS' lab

NDT Testing Lab

ATS’ NDT testing lab is one of North America’s leading NDT labs and is equipped with the latest equipment. We perform all NDT methods on various materials and components for Nuclear, Aerospace, Maritime, Manufacturing, Automotive, Petrochemical, Transportation, and Construction Industries. Some of the daily inspections we perform are radiography for welder qualification and liquid penetrant/magnetic particle on first article items. We can also develop new techniques in our NDT testing lab for inspecting your materials.

Within ATS’ NDT labs we test an array of materials not limited to plastics, composites, steels, aluminum, copper, and titanium.
Our Lab Technicians Are Certified to:
Regularly Served Industries
Common Defects Detected
Dedication to Customer Service
Applied Technical Services has provided high-quality NDT testing services to industrial and commercial clients for over fifty years. We strive to provide the best customer service possible, prioritizing our clients’ needs. Our lab delivers clear, detailed, accurate reports as quickly as possible so clients can make prompt, informed decisions.
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