RTCA DO-160 7.0 Operational Shocks Testing Lab

RTCA DO-160 7.0 Operational Shocks Testing Lab

Applied Technical Services is a dynamics and vibration testing provider, performing several types of shock testing services in our RTCA DO-160 7.0 Operational Shocks Testing Lab.

Operational Shocks Testing
RTCA DO-160 Section 7.0 testing is meant to verify that equipment will continue to properly operate in adherence with performance standards after being exposed to shocks and vibrations during standard operating conditions. This includes shocks experienced while taking off, landing, taxiing, and during flight. RTCA-DO 7.0 Operational Shocks Testing applies to all equipment on helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. This standard also verifies the security of equipment in areas that could potentially pose a threat to occupants of the aircraft and vital aircraft components, ensuring that this equipment will not detach from its fastened location during an emergency landing or crash. While RTCA DO-160 Section 7.0 testing is required to satisfy industry standard requirements, it does not satisfy Federal Aviation Regulations for all aircraft equipment, such as seating and seatbelts.
As an RTCA DO-160 7.0 Operational Shocks Testing Lab, Applied Technical Services conducts testing in compliance with the airborne equipment standards set by the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics, or RTCA. This standard applies to aircraft of all sizes and includes supersonic transport aircraft, commercial airliners, helicopters, and general aviation aircraft. Safety and reliability standards set by the RTCA must be adhered to by all aircraft manufacturers.
ATS’ EMI and EMC Testing Lab
Applied Technical Services’ electromagnetic interference and compatibility testing lab highly advanced, state-of-the-art equipment and technology, ensuring the highest level of accuracy as well as expedient service. Our EMI and EMC testing experts have experience performing a wide variety of electrical testing in adherence with many popular testing standards. These technicians also perform testing to custom parameters to meet the needs of our clients across all industries.
RTCA DO-160 Testing and EMI/EMC Testing Capabilities

In addition to RTCA DO-160 Operational Shocks Testing, ATS offers other RTCA DO-160 testing services as well as EMI and EMC lab service offerings, including but not limited to:

Electrical Testing Services
In addition to the previously mentioned services, Applied Technical Services offers an expansive list of electrical testing services. Some of our most commonly requested services include:
Quality Assurance: We Take a Closer Look
Applied Technical Services’ internationally recognized quality assurance program is just one of the many things that helps us stand apart from other testing and analysis companies. This program establishes accountability at every level of ATS companies and is followed by all staff in our expansive service network. Our quality assurance program ensures the quality that our customers have come to expect from us over the past five decades and gives clients peace of mind knowing that they can rely on all ATS departments. Our experienced testing experts apply the same level of dedication and care to CT scanning procedures as they do to monorail system inspections, prioritizing accuracy and customer satisfaction to achieve the results our clients count on. ATS knows that our customers appreciate the fact that we take a closer look, and we work diligently to maintain and improve upon the credibility and business relationships we have established since our founding in 1967.
Applied Technical Services
With over 55 years of experience providing industrial testing and analysis services, Applied Technical Services has unparalleled industry expertise, giving us the knowledge and resources to serve the needs of our clients both domestically and abroad. At ATS, we recognize the need for reliability and expedience, with a vast service network of ATS family companies that provide quick turnaround times and dependable service quality. This service network allows our clients to schedule services whenever and wherever it is most convenient for them, helping to minimize and avoid downtime to keep their business operations running smoothly. Because ATS is ISO 17025 accredited in electrical testing and ISO 9001 certified, our RTCA DO-160 7.0 Operational Shocks Testing Lab services always include precise, reliable reporting. We are proud to be the preferred industrial testing service provider of companies spanning several industries, including power generation, automotive, nuclear, oil and gas, renewable energy, aerospace, military and defense, aviation, consumer products, build and construction, and manufacturing. Click here or give us a call today at 1 (888) 287-5227 to request a free quote for RTCA DO-160 7.0 Operational Shocks Testing Lab services.

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