Shock and vibe testing machine

Shock and Vibe Testing Services

Applied Technical Services offers shock and vibe testing services through our ISO 9001 certified testing lab. Vibration and shock testing expose components and materials to mechanical shocks and vibrations they may experience under standard operating conditions, installation conditions, or transit conditions. ATS can assess the durability of our clients’ samples by testing to a variety of standards.

Shock Testing Services

ATS provides several types of shock testing services, including functional, crash hazard, fragility, bench handling, transit drop, and pendulum impact testing. We can identify numerous flaws, including:

Vibration Testing Services

We offer numerous vibration testing services that satisfy industry, safety compliance, and vibration qualification requirements. We perform a wide variety of testing methods, such as:
Our vibration services benefit numerous industries, including automotive, nuclear, electrical, aerospace, and military.
Testing Standards
ATS offers shock and vibe services in compliance with several standards, such as:
Ensuring standard compliance assists clients with failure prevention and optimized operation.
Our Environmental Testing Experts
Applied Technical Services has provided clients with a comprehensive range of environmental testing services for decades. Our capabilities reach far beyond shock and vibe testing to include:
Our customer service team connects clients to relevant experts who can help them determine which services may best suit their needs. Our certified testing experts ensure that clients receive clear, detailed, accurate reporting for any environmental tests.
If you need shock and vibe testing services, contact ATS today.
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