ASTM F1264 Intramedullary Fixation Device Testing

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies (FoC) determines the bending stiffness and strength of IMFDs in accordance with the ASTM F1264 intramedullary fixation device testing standard. IMFDs or intramedullary fixation devices are nails, rods, and similar materials used to fixate various bone fractures. Our medical device testing lab ensures that IMFDs comply with ASTM F1264 testing standards.

What is ASTM F1264?
The American Society for Testing and Materials established ASTM F1264 as a resource for those designing and evaluating the mechanical properties of IMFDs. The standard defines the performance criteria for IMFDs and specifies material and labeling requirements. ASTM F1264 is organized in the following three annexes:
Annex 1: Static Four-Point Bend Testing

Annex 2: Static Torsion Testing 

Annex 3: Bending Fatigue Testing

Annex 4: Bending Fatigue of IMFD Screws

The ATS FoC houses several mechanical force testing systems configured to ASTM F1264 testing standards.
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Our ISO/IEC 17025-accredited medical device testing labs provide prompt and professional medical device testing services at a competitive price. We conduct ASTM and FDA-compliant testing while offering highly customizable testing services that evaluate client specifications. We provide various types of medical device testing, including the following:
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