Medical Device Standards Testing Certification

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies (FoC) provides medical device testing and certification for manufacturers. Our medical device testing labs recognize the importance of medical device evaluations, and our third-party product testing services help clients qualify their products for the marketplace.

Our Medical Device Standards Testing Certification Lab
The ATS FoC’s medical device testing lab features the state-of-the-art technology needed to evaluate our clients’ medical devices to ensure compliance with applicable guidelines, regulations, and requirements. We perform various types of medical device performance tests, including:
The Advantages of Our Independent Testing and Certification Labs
Our medical device testing labs offer independent evaluations of various medical devices, including dental, joint, and spinal implants, and help our clients with the following:
Compliance Assurance
We help manufacturers ensure that their medical devices comply with regulatory standards and requirements. We verify that materials and devices meet the safety, performance, and quality criteria for FDA approval.

Quality Control

Our medical device testing labs identify and address any performance or safety issues. We help manufacturers improve their products and meet end-users’ expectations.

Risk Mitigation 

Our labs identify potential risks and hazards associated with device usage through rigorous testing. This information we gather through our tests and evaluations helps clients verify the safety of their products.

Market Access

Our reputable labs make it easier for clients to qualify their products for the marketplace. Our labs assist manufacturers as they seek compliance with regulatory standards. We make it easier for clients to gain approval and acceptance in domestic and international markets.

Innovation Support 

Our abs promote innovation by offering guidance and feedback to manufacturers throughout the testing process. This support helps companies improve their products, overcome challenges, and develop solutions that meet the evolving needs of healthcare.

Confidence and Trust

Our labs help improve consumer confidence and trust in medical devices and their manufacturers.
The ATS FoC Experience
The Applied Technical Services FoC is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited, and we deliver high-quality services for a competitive price. We serve clients in a variety of industries nationwide, and we’ve earned an excellent reputation because of our client-centric approach to business. Our employees remain engaged and professional throughout the service process as we aim to provide the following:
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