ASTM F2554 CAS System Precision Testing

The ATS Family of Companies (FoC) delivers ASTM F2554 testing to determine the precision and accuracy of computer-assisted surgery (CAS) systems before they enter the operating room. We fill a rising need for system verification as computer-assisted and robot-assisted surgeries become more common. Manufacturers must ensure the appropriateness of their technology for surgical use. Healthcare providers count on a CAS system’s accuracy and suitability for critical surgeries.

CAS systems enable surgeons to access delicate and hard-to-reach anatomical areas with minimally invasive incisions and reduced risk of patient injury. The other benefits of CAS systems include:

ASTM F2554 Testing
To verify the accuracy and precision of a CAS system according to ASTM F2554, the ATS FoC uses a phantom designed to resemble the surgical site on a human body. Phantoms have numerous divots and geometric targets that can be measured and scanned during precision testing. Our experts can use a Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) or similar equipment to map the divots and their distances across the phantom. We calibrate our CMMs to deliver precise measurements, as the measure of the CAS’s accuracy depends on the CMM coordinates.

ASTM F2554 describes six tests at multiple locations that incorporate rotations and movements between points on the phantom. We follow these procedures to test navigational system and robot capabilities, such as:

Our medical device testing lab can simulate real-world conditions of the surgical setting to generate the highest accuracy during ASTM F2554 testing:
About the ATS FoC
The ATS FoC runs multiple ISO/IEC 17025-accredited labs nationwide. Our experts can quickly deliver field and laboratory services to clients. We test according to industry standards and client specifications to provide reliable information and thorough analysis.
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