ASTM F1798 Spinal Implant Subassembly Testing

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies (FoC) evaluates the subassemblies and interconnection mechanisms of spinal implants in accordance with the ASTM F1798 spinal implant subassembly testing standard. Spinal implants consist of multiple components that connect to form the entire spinal implant. Spinal implant subassembly testing is an essential step in the manufacturing process of spinal implants. The testing helps ensure that the spinal implant subassemblies perform as expected and qualify for the marketplace. Our medical device testing lab ensures that different spinal implant designs provide the support needed to be ASTM compliant. 

ASTM F1798 Spinal Implant Static and Fatigue Testing

ASTM F1798 outlines several test methods that evaluate fatigue strength, uniaxial static strength, and resistance to spinal implant subassembly loosening. During the procedure, technicians place bands, hooks, and screws in a saline fluid in vitro, allowing them to observe how each part behaves and performs in living organisms. The ASTM F1798 procedure helps to characterize the properties of different interconnection designs and mechanisms. We offer dynamic testing and the following ASTM F1798-compliant static testing methods:

The Importance of Spinal Implant Testing
Spinal implant subassembly testing assesses the safety and efficacy of spinal implants. Failure to properly test spinal implants may increase the risk that the implant will fail or pose risks to the patient. Proper testing helps identify any design or manufacturing defects early on, which helps to improve the quality of the implant and reduce the risk of failure.
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Medical devices have become essential components to the efficiency and effectiveness of modern healthcare. Our medical device testing lab ensures that our clients’ medical devices perform as expected and adhere to ASTM and FDA standards and requirements.
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