ASTM F384 Angled Orthopedic Device Fixation Testing

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies (FoC) conducts angled device testing in compliance with the ASTM F384 angled orthopedic device fixation testing standard. Medical professionals use angled fixation devices to treat long bone fractures, and these devices must comply with numerous standards before they reach the marketplace. Our medical device testing lab helps ensure our client’s devices are ASTM-compliant and eligible for FDA approval.

ASTM F384 Testing
The American Society for Testing and Materials developed ASTM F384 to outline a uniform bending fatigue test method capable of characterizing and comparing the fatigue performance of various angled devices. The ASTM F384 standard outlines testing procedures for both static and dynamic bend testing.

Static Bend Testing

During the static bend testing procedure, technicians position the angle plate over the side plate with the angled portion of the implant free. Technicians then apply force to the specimen until it deforms or reaches a predetermined level of deflection.

Dynamic Bend Testing

Technicians subject the angle plate to a defined number of cycles to calculate the fatigue strength.
The information gathered from the ASTM F384 testing procedure helps manufacturers ensure their products’ performance, quality, and reliability.
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Medical devices have become increasingly complex as modern medicine continues to improve the lives of millions worldwide. Advancements in medical device technology have increased the need for medical device testing services that help qualify products for clinical use. Our experienced engineers understand that these devices must undergo extensive testing before reaching the marketplace, so we make it our mission to make the process as straightforward and stress-free as possible. We offer various medical device testing services, including:
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