ASTM F2624 - Static, Dynamic, and Wear Tests of Extra-Discal Spinal Implants

The ATS Family of Companies (FoC) provides static, dynamic, and wear tests of extra-discal spinal implants according to ASTM F2624.

The Purpose of ASTM F2624
The American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) designed standard F2624 to imitate the expected loads and motions an extra-discal spinal implant experiences throughout the device’s life cycle. This standard provides testing methods for understanding the device’s static and dynamic properties.
The ATS FoC operates A2LA-accredited labs equipped with powerful technology and maintained by experts with decades of combined experience. Medical device manufacturers, healthcare providers, and other clients frequently turn to the ATS FoC for ASTM F2624 tests for a variety of reasons, including:
ASTM F2624 Testing with the ATS FoC
For ASTM F2624 testing, we use equipment capable of rotational, anterior/posterior shear, and compression bending. We can also test a device in ambient conditions or a testing medium. If clients request wear testing, we can submerge the product in a testing medium at a consistent temperature (37˚C) to simulate human tissue temperatures.

Clients may select an array of relevant static, dynamic, and wear tests:

Calculations and Analysis
Our procedures and calculations help clients compare materials, material grades, and device designs so they can make effective and informed business decisions. We can inspect the devices for failures until run-out or functional failure occurs. After the last cycle, we can visually examine the device with microscopy and optical measuring, noting mechanical failures.

To provide accurate weight measurements, our experts compare post-test device weights with soak controls to reliably calculate fluid absorption and weight loss. We can also perform particulate filtration and analysis. Next, we can calculate measurements of net wear and volumetric net wear rates.

About ATS FoC
The ATS FoC runs several medical device testing labs accredited to perform ISO/IEC 17025 calibrations and mechanical, chemistry, electrical, and nondestructive testing. With convenient locations nationwide, we can provide quicker on-site inspections or shipping to one of our labs. Our experts can provide custom or standards-based testing tailored to client specifications.
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