ASTM F2790 Static and Dynamic Testing of Total Facet Prostheses

The ATS Family of Companies (FoC) provides medical device testing according to ASTM F2790 for artificial facet joints. Total facet prostheses (FP) address the sources of back pain by replacing a diseased or deficient facet joint with an implant that supports the surrounding vertebrae, decompresses nerves, and maintains a wide range of movement in the user.

Total Facet Replacement Testing

ATS FoC is a qualified medical device lab that can help clients compare product designs according to the testing methods outlined in ASTM F2790. The ASTM F2790 standard helps implant manufacturers compare products’ reactions to static and dynamic loads and applications. Our reliable tests and thorough analyses support clients as they make critical business decisions to meet the stringent requirements for FDA approval.

We test various total facet prosthetic configurations:

Laboratory Testing

The ATS FoC performs static and dynamic testing to measure displacement and stiffness in vitro. ASTM F2790 recommends translational and rotational tests to represent the loads and movements required of artificial facet joints. Utilizing a testing apparatus capable of applying multidirectional loads, our technicians can embed the medical device in two UHMWPE blocks to simulate two adjacent vertebrae.

During static testing, our equipment can reach the following displacement rates:

We perform dynamic testing in a saline, temperature-controlled environment until device failure or the 10,000,000th cycle. We can adjust dynamic tests to simulate common loading conditions: flexion, extension, lateral bending, and axial rotation.

Why Choose the ATS FoC?
The ATS FoC operates several labs ISO 17025:2017 accredited to perform mechanical, nondestructive, chemical, and electrical tests to specific standards and calibrations within a broad scope of capabilities. With locations nationwide, the ATS FoC can reach clients quickly and conveniently for on-site services and laboratory testing.
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