Medical Device Materials Testing

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies (FoC) conducts medical device materials testing for clients seeking to develop, improve, and qualify their products for clinical use. Medical devices are machines, instruments, and implants that aid in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of injuries and illnesses. Medical devices are made from various materials, and our medical device testing lab assists clients as they evaluate how medical device materials perform under specific conditions.

Our Medical Device Materials Testing Capabilities
Our medical device testing lab helps clients evaluate and qualify their medical devices for clinical use. We understand that medical devices are an essential component of public health, so we use state-of-the-art technology to determine the limits of our clients’ products. Our team of experts conduct numerous tests to evaluate how a product performs under different conditions, including:
Why is Medical Device Materials Testing Important?
Medical device materials testing ensures medical devices’ safety, reliability, and durability. Without rigorous testing, there’s an increased risk of product failure, which can lead to severe consequences, from product recalls to patient injuries. Medical testing helps to verify that materials can withstand physical stresses and operating conditions associated with various medical device materials and devices.
Medical device materials testing also helps manufacturers comply with regulatory standards, shielding manufacturers from potential legal implications. Compliance with ASTM, ISO, and FDA standards and regulations improves consumer trust in medical devices, increasing their likelihood of success in the marketplace.
Our Commitment to Quality

The ATS FoC adheres to international quality standards to ensure our services are world-class and recognized across various markets. We specialize in consulting engineering, inspection, and testing services, and we have clients in multiple industries, including aerospace, construction, healthcare, and manufacturing. To guarantee our client’s satisfaction, we provide the following:

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Medical Device Testing