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Medical Device Performance Testing

ATS’ (Applied Technical Services’) Family of Companies offers expert medical device performance testing at our state-of-the-art laboratories.
The Importance of Medical Device Performance Testing Services
Securing performance testing for all medical devices brought to market is integral in maintaining and improving public health. Test results inform new regulations for performance verifications, especially those in high-risk instruments. Physicians need accurate medical measurements to diagnose diseases, deliver treatments, and monitor patients effectively.
How Medical Device Performance Testing Works
Manufacturers must assure regulatory bodies that their medical devices are safe and successful by supplying proper evidence. They will seek out medical device performance testing to acquire the appropriate analysis to mitigate potential risks.
Medical device performance testing evaluates how a device functions in different scenarios. This service helps manufacturers assess risks, avoid failures, and determine the stresses a product will face during its service life. Medical device performance testing also benefits manufacturers by equipping them with the knowledge to identify and improve upon any deficiencies in the developmental process, allowing them to bring safe and effective products to market faster.
Types of Medical Device Performance Testing
Our Team of Experts
A team of expert engineers staffs our 24-hour operations. We help manufacturers execute their test plans by completing mechanical testing services that include unsurpassed technical reports and comprehensive partnerships. Furthermore, we conduct custom testing to help clients meet regulatory bodies’ quality and safety standards.
Our Medical Device Testing Laboratory
Our laboratory conducts the most accurate and efficient performance testing services to help manufacturers get products to market. All our experts provide top-notch communication and customer service skills to deliver an experience that puts the client’s needs first.
Types of Implant Testing We Provide
Quality Standards
Our Family of Companies maintains an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation for the highest number of medical device testing methodologies out of any organization across the country. Our lab tests medical devices to ISO and ASTM standards, setting us apart from our competitors by upholding a standard of excellence and efficiency while reducing client costs.
Our medical device performance testing services provide manufacturers with the knowledge to design safe and functional products. With it, they can get their medical device products out on the market quicker.
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Medical Device Testing