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Medical Device Reliability Testing

The ATS Family of Companies carries out exceptional medical device reliability testing in a timely and cost-effective manner. This testing is vital in the development process of up-and-coming device designs.
Medical Device Testing on Implants

Medical device reliability testing is an essential tool for the safety analysis of implants. Our laboratories focus on an array of implants, such as dental, extremity, joint, and spinal. Each implant requires a different type of medical device reliability testing. We specialize in several different medical device testing methods. For example, we can perform numerous tests on dental implants, including fatigue, torque, and tension.

Why Medical Device Reliability Testing is Needed

Product efficiency and quality are not only morally and ethically imperative to all manufacturing companies—multiple organizations and agencies mandate them. These oversight entities regard medical devices with even greater scrutiny than the average consumer product. Due to the strict standards enforced by regulatory bodies like the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), manufacturers must document and trace every step of a medical device’s development back to the safety and functionality requirements.

When Risks Occur
Technicians conduct tests to determine if the product poses a risk to patient health, providing analysis and recommendations. Manufacturers are then able to mitigate or eliminate these risks. Once this remediation process is complete, they must monitor the medical device throughout its market life to confirm that no new or unexpected risks arise. If they do, the FDA will enforce additional analysis and control measures.
How We Can Help

Manufacturers often seek out companies that assist in reliability testing to help them obtain results. The ATS Family of Companies offers broad medical device reliability testing capabilities. These methods replicate the product’s intended use before it hits the market to ensure its safety and efficiency.

Our Testing Capabilities Include:
Quality Standards

The ATS Family of Companies is committed to delivering high-quality medical device testing services to our customers. We have ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditations and an ISO-recognized Quality Management System (QMS). Our employees receive thorough training in QMS and confidential document handling.

Our company provides customers with quality services, giving them competitive advantage by lowering costs, establishing credibility, elevating profitability, and improving efficiency. If your product or device is ready for testing, choose the Applied Technical Services (ATS) Family of Companies: a medical device reliability testing lab that helps clients achieve timely and effective market success.

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Medical Device Testing