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Medical Implant Testing Lab

The Applied Technical Services (ATS) Family of Companies employs a team of experts at our state-of-the-art medical implant testing lab.
Medical Implants
Medical implants are devices put inside or on the surface of a human body. Prosthetics make up a large number of implants, acting as replacements for missing body parts. They can also support missing organs or tissues, monitor body functions, and provide medication. Manufacturers make implants from numerous materials, including ceramic, metal, and plastic, as well as bone, skin, or other body tissues.
The Importance of Medical Implant Testing
Surgical risks, implant failure, and infection can occur in medical implants during placement or removal. Even if the procedure proves successful, an implant can break, move, or completely stop working over time. Conducting medical implant testing before putting a product on the market is essential to preventing these possible risks.
Medical implants must undergo an array of testing that spans a variety of technologies to satisfy regulatory bodies concerned with consumer safety, such as the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). Like other medical devices, implants need testing to verify they can perform their design functions properly. However, implants must undergo additional testing to determine whether they cause any harm to human bodies during long-term service.
Types of Testing
Our Medical Implant Testing Services
We run a 24-hour operation and staff a team of experienced technicians to execute our clients’ testing plans. Our close relationship with the FDA allows us to remain abreast of all regulatory guidelines, expectations, and changes pertaining to medical implants. We provide medical manufacturers with this knowledge to streamline their products to market while saving them time and money.
Our Medical Implant Testing Lab
The ATS Family of Companies’ medical implant testing labs not only help manufacturers ensure a safe and successful product but also navigate the regulations necessary to get it out on the market. Our services include rapid responses, rigorous reports, and reproducible results. We design all our services with fast-paced product development in mind.
Standard Tests for Medical Implants
Quality Standards and Assurance
The ATS Family of Companies maintains a broad scope of accreditations under ISO 17025 that covers a variety of medical devices, ranging from dental to extremities. We develop and test custom procedures for medical devices, supporting manufacturers as they push the envelope of medical technology. Our staff abides by a Quality Management System (QMS) recognized by the ISO. All our employees undergo comprehensive training in confidential document handling and QMS, prioritizing quality in every client relationship we build.
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