Different types of polymers in a Polymer Characterization Lab

Polymer Strength Testing

Applied Technical Services performs Polymer Strength Testing, as well as several other types of polymer testing, in our highly advanced mechanical testing facility.
Strength, Fatigue, and Tensile Testing at Applied Technical Services

Polymer Strength Testing is a cost-effective method to determine the structural characteristics, capabilities, and potential flaws of a polymer or polymer-based part or component. Strength testing a polymer-based material verifies its resilience to ensure proper functionality in its intended operating environment and provides the manufacturer with insight into the product’s expected life cycle. Strength testing also identifies potential weaknesses, allowing manufacturers to make improvements and adjustments to help avoid product failure. There are several different methods used to analyze the strength of a polymer, the best of which is usually determined by the type of product and its intended purpose.

The Applied Technical Services mechanical testing laboratory houses advanced strength, tensile, and fatigue testing equipment and technologies. Strength testing includes various types of testing to determine the strength of a product or material. Strength testing may include fatigue testing, elasticity testing, malleability testing, and tensile testing. Fatigue testing is performed by applying cyclic loads to a test subject, simulating its standard functions and operating environment. Tensile testing involves applying specific types of tension to a subject while monitoring its physical state. The subsequent data from these tests is then analyzed to identify different traits, qualities, and characteristics of the product, component, or material being tested. At ATS, our certified mechanical testing experts and engineers can design tests and fabricate the necessary fixtures to comply with custom client-specified testing standards for various types of mechanical testing. We also conduct mechanical testing in accordance with all common industry standards, as well as many others.

Polymer Testing Services
Applied Technical Services specializes in polymer testing and analysis services with a wide range of offerings, including:
Testing and Analysis Standards and Specifications
In order to effectively serve our clients with the most accurate and dependable reporting, ATS conducts testing and analysis services in accordance with both client-requested testing specifications and popular industry testing standards, including those determined by regulatory organizations and authorities such as:
Additional Mechanical Testing Services
In addition to Polymer Strength Testing, ATS offers an extensive list of mechanical testing services. Some of our most commonly requested services include:
Applied Technical Services: We Take a Closer Look
Since our founding in 1967, ATS has spent over 55 years developing strong business relationships and establishing our reputation as one of the nation’s premier industrial testing and analysis providers. We maintain several different certifications and accreditations to ensure the most precise, reliable reporting possible, including ISO 9001 certification and ISO 17025 accreditation by the A2LA in many disciplines. With our industry-leading experience, we understand the importance of dependability and timeliness, which has led us to develop an expansive service network with locations throughout the country. These locations, paired with our ability to perform services in our labs as well as in the field, allow our clients to schedule testing and analysis services, inspections, and repairs at a location and time that is most convenient to them. With rush service available for many of our services, we work diligently to help your business avoid and minimize downtime so you can continue doing what you do best. And with ATS’ internationally recognized quality assurance program, your company can be sure that you will receive the consistent level of high-quality service we are known for, regardless of what department, location, or ATS company you are working with. Trust the proven Polymer Strength Testing experts at Applied Technical Services and click here or give us a call at 1 (888) 287-5227 to request a free quote.

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