Different types of polymers for Polymer Material Testing

Polymer Structure Analysis

Applied Technical Services offers an expansive list of testing services for polymers and polymer-based materials, including Polymer Structure Analysis, in our mechanical testing, chemical analysis, consumer product testing, and tensile and fatigue testing laboratories.
Performing Structural Analysis on Polymer-based Materials
Polymer Structure Analysis is a cost-effective analysis method used to identify and examine the structure of a polymer or polymer-based product or component. Polymers have many unique characteristics that make it a highly utilized material for several different applications, though there are different factors that need to be precisely tuned in order to ensure the desired flexibility, resistance to friction and wear, durability, strength, and other qualities. Applied Technical Services provides Polymer Structure Analysis to give clients a precise, detailed look at their products, ensuring proper functionality and desired quality.
Additional Polymer Testing Services
As a polymer testing service provider, Applied Technical Services offers several different types of polymer testing and analysis services. Our most commonly requested polymer testing services include:
Performing fracture analysis on a polymer-based material consists of analyzing a polymer to determine the cause of its failure, as well as any other contributing circumstances. Polymers can break at low stress levels due to various causes that lead to the uneven distribution of stress.
Polymer characterization consists of an in-depth examination of a polymer-based material’s structure, composition, and characteristics to identify potential flaws and verify its structural integrity.
There are several different types of fatigue testing that can be used to analyze the strength and characteristics of a polymer, providing insight into the product’s expected life cycle and allowing manufacturers to make quality improvements and adjustments.
Performing material testing on a polymer can be done in a wide variety of ways ranging from mechanical testing to chemical analysis. ATS’ advanced testing laboratories are fully equipped to conduct various types of polymer material testing efficiently and effectively.
Polymer strength testing is used to determine a polymer’s resilience, strength, structural characteristics, and physical capabilities. Performing strength testing on a polymer-based material helps manufacturers ensure proper functionality and prevent potential product failure.
Testing and Analysis Standards and Specifications
Applied Technical Services performs industrial testing, analysis, and inspection services in accordance with industry testing standards set by the following organizations and authorities:
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