ICP-AES Analysis

ICP-AES Ready to Analyze a Sample

Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (ICP AES) analysis is a powerful tool that is used to identify trace and major elemental constituents of materials. ICP analysis is performed on liquid samples therefore the digestion of solid material is required prior to analysis.

ATS’ expert Chemistry staff is able to use a variety of sample preparation techniques to ensure that we are able to quantitatively measure not only the major concentration elements but the minor trace elements as well. Whether you have a metal screw, a small unknown contaminate particle, or an aqueous sample, ATS can using ICP-AES techniques to determine the composition.


For over 50 years ATS has provided world-class testing, inspection, and engineering consulting services to clients from a variety of industries. We are A2LA accredited to perform ICP-AES analysis to the ASTM E1479 standard and we can ensure accurate results within a quick turn-around window. Let our experienced and qualified staff here at ATS handle your metals analysis needs.

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