Chemical Composition Testing Lab

Applied Technical Services’ chemical composition testing lab takes a closer look at the makeup of our client samples. We can determine the precise composition of a wide variety of materials, such as metals, polymers and elastomers. Our ISO 17025 (A2LA) accredited, ISO 9001 certified lab delivers clear, precise data that clients can depend on.
Metal Composition Testing
Our metal analysis group tests can test a variety of metal alloy types. We use a variety of techniques to test a comprehensive range of metals and alloys. Our methods include:
Polymer and Elastomer Composition Testing
Polymers and elastomers exhibit a wide variety of physical and chemical characteristics. ATS uses several testing methods to identify these materials so clients know what to expect from their behavior. Our methods include:
Organic Composition Testing
ATS tests client samples for a variety of organic compounds.. We offer a comprehensive array of tests to identify and quantify organic compounds as well as test to analyze for impurities or contamination. Some testing methods include:
Consumer Product Composition Testing
ATS makes certain that client products are safe for the general public. Our tests comply with numerous industry standards for everything from CPSC testing to California Proposition 65 testing. Our consumer product testing lab is accredited by the CPSC. Our experts conduct a full range of tests for restricted compounds and materials, such as:
ATS: Dependable Service
Applied Technical Services has provided reliable testing services for over 50 years. Numerous industries depend on our chemical analysis lab, including automotive, utilities, consumer products, aerospace, manufacturing, nuclear, and governmental agencies. Our customer service ambassadors connect clients with relevant experts who can help with their testing needs. We deliver clear, accurate, precise data as quickly as possible. Our experts are available to customers to answer any additional questions.
If you need a dependable chemical composition testing lab, contact ATS today.

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Chemical Analysis