Halide Anion Testing Services

ATS provides halide anion testing services through our chemical testing department. A Halide is a halogen atom bearing a negative charge. Common halogens include chlorine, iodine, fluorine, and bromine, . Manufacturers use halides to produce a wide variety of products, from bleaches to incandescent lamps.
Halides in Production
Halides can be corrosive and are harmful in large enough quantities. Regulatory bodies set limits on acceptable halide concentrations for product formulation and manufacturing. As a third-party testing facility, Applied Technical Services tests design material samples from manufacturers needing halide testing. We can determine the halide concentration in clients’ products and determine whether the material composition complies with regulated standards.
Our Chemical Testing Capabilities
The chemistry department at ATS utilizes numerous forms of testing to determine halide levels in samples. Halides can be isolated from solid samples using oxygen bombing or hot water extraction. Ion Chromatography is used to identify individual halides to the low parts per million level. Wet chemical titration can also be used to identify the amounts of halides present in a liquid solution. We also use ion-selective electrodes to detect certain halides.
Applied Technical Services tests halide concentrations to numerous standards, according to each client’s particular needs. Some of these standards include:
We can conduct halide analyses on a wide variety of products and samples, including material surfaces, corrosion products, and finished goods. Our chemistry labs are equipped to handle all our clients’ chemical testing needs. Our labs are ISO 17025 (A2LA) accredited, and our quality assurance program is ISO 9001 registered.
ATS’ Customer Service Policies
Applied Technical Services prioritizes our customers. We always connect clients with engaged, relevant experts who can help with their inquiries. We offer quick, clear, detailed reporting, and our experts remain available to clients for any additional questions.
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