Product Formulation

What is Product Formulation?

Product formulation (verification) is the process by which chemical analysis experts use various types of analytical techniques to verify the chemical composition of products/materials. This is the exact opposite of deformulation. In the situation of product formulation, clients are aware of what their product is comprised of and ATS analyzes the sample to verify the composition.

Our chemists analyze samples with known compositions for identified compounds; this includes, but is not limited to:

ATS' Commitment to Quality

ATS strives to deliver quality in each service we perform for our clients. We strictly adhere to our ISO 9001 certified quality management system to achieve this goal. By following the principles outlined in this internationally recognized standard on effective quality assurance practices, we ensure that our personnel provide continually improving customer service. Our chemical analysis labs return accurate and detailed findings within a quick turnaround window because of our chemists’ experience regularly performing relevant test methods. They also remain available and responsive throughout the testing and reporting process because ATS emphasizes providing quality services to our clients.

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