Leachables Testing

The Applied Technical Services Family of Companies offers leachable testing services that identify the presence of potentially harmful chemicals.

What are Leachables?
As their name suggests, leachables are chemicals that leach their way into products that are being used or stored in normal conditions. Leachables are a subset of extractables, which are chemical species that can be extracted from a container’s components or the container itself. Multiple factors can influence the likelihood of leachables, including the following:
While some leachables harmful and others are benign, they all run the risk of comprising the product by degrading the product’s packaging and introducing contaminants.
About Our Leachable Testing Services
Our cutting-edge chemical testing labs feature the advanced and accurate technology needed to identify and quantify the presence of various chemical species, including leachables. Before we begin testing for leachables, they obtain information about our client’s packaging materials, allowing us to develop an idea of the potential hazards that may be present. Our experts then carefully evaluate products to determine if there are any leachables present.
The Importance of Leachable Testing
Industry regulatory bodies require that drug manufacturers abide by strict regulations to confirm the safety of drug products. Third-party chemical testing labs, such as ATS, help businesses gain a deeper understanding of their products and potential hazards that may exist in them. Our leachable testing services help our clients do the following:
About Applied Technical Services
Founded in 1967, Applied Technical Services has established itself as a capable provider of commercial and industrial services. We specialize in inspection, testing, consulting engineering, and calibration services, and our A2LA-accredited facilities are more than capable of fulfilling our client’s unique and complex requests. We offer services that help a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, and chemical. All of our departments adhere to strict regulations and employ passionate professionals who prioritize the experience of our clients. Please call +1 (888) 287-5227 or submit an online service request for more information about leachable testing services.

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