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GC MS Oil Analysis

Applied Technical Services’ chemical analysis lab conducts GC MS Oil Analysis to evaluate the quality of essential oils.

What is GC/MS?

GC/MS refers to Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry, two analytical methods that evaluate the chemistry of essential oils.

Gas Chromatography:

Gas Chromatography determines the concentration of contaminants in liquid samples by separating and identifying individual chemicals in the gas phase. During gas chromatography, experts heat the oil before introducing it to passive carrier gas such as nitrogen, hydrogen, or helium. A detector then evaluates each constituent and creates a report that provides information on the detector response and retention time, known as a chromatogram.

Mass Spectrometry:

Mass spectrometry measures the mass-to-charge ratio of a sample’s molecules. A mass spectrometer consists of three components, an ion source, a mass detector, and an analyzer.

The Importance of GC/MS

GC/MS is commonly referred to as the “gold standard” of essential oil testing as it provides detailed information on the ingredients of a sample to help ensure that the oil is pure. Manufacturers may also mislabel essential oils, but GC/MS testing can verify that the oil’s composition matches the label. GC/MS testing can do the following.

GC/MS analysis is an important tool in the quality control of essential oils. The analysis results provide information on the sample’s purity, quality, therapeutic applications, and applications.

About Applied Technical Services' Chemical Analysis Lab

ATS’ chemical analysis lab has the advanced technology needed to complete routine and complex analysis services. We service several industries, including:

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