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Applied Technical Services is one of the leading TGA testing laboratories in North America. We conduct TGA testing through our chemistry labs, where we conduct several testing methods to ensure our testing services are under acceptable standards. Thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA) is a test used to measure the stability of a material and measure how the weight changes while undergoing extreme temperatures. Our labs perform TGA Testing Services on polymers, rubbers, composites, filler, laminates, and elastomers. These analyses can meet standards such as ASTM and ISO, including ASTM E1131 and ISO 11358, to ensure accurate results. Thermogravimetric analysis relies on three measurements: weight, temperature, and temperature change. The equipment used during the TGA Testing is a thermogravimetric analyzer which consists of two pans: a sample and a precision balance pan. These pans are heated or cooled during an experiment, providing data on whether the material is stable or not. Experts must do TGA testing under a controlled nitrogen environment.

Test Methods for TGA
Typical application of our TGA include:
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At Applied Technical Services’ TGA testing laboratories, highly trained and educated professionals supervise the labs to deliver the best TGA results to our clients; many of our experts hold several accreditations and certifications. Our professionals will take a closer look and give the materials proper care and attention. Regardless of which materials you need to have tested, our experts will provide you with comprehensive information to reach the end goal you desire. Our goal at ATS is to provide you with the TGA Testing services your organization needs to make vital decisions and move forward with any project. Feel free to contact Applied Technical Services today for your TGA testing needs!

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